This is how people in the 70’s imagined space cities

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''In the early 1970s, NASA conducted a series of ‘summer schools’ in order to develop practical conceptual designs for future cities located in orbit around a planet (Earth).

Each space colony was imagined as a self-sufficient habitat with its very own artificial climate which was ideal for humans in every aspect allowing them to enjoy a lifetime there. The designs presented were divided into three main types: toroidal (donut-shaped), spherical, and cylindrical. In theory, every city would rotate to simulate the Earth’s gravity and would be lit by large mirrors which can reflect the sun’s rays into the interior, making you feel as if you were actually on Earth.Remember the movie Elysium? Well, it might just be that some of these drawings helped the creators of this sci-fi movie create the concept they did.According to some predictions of NASA contractors and my futuristic researchers, by 2100 humanity will be able to live in space-cities that are in orbit around our planet and beyond. Although it is expected that, before these orbiting cities come into existence, smaller-scale projects based primarily on space tourism are placed around orbit. For example, the hotels planned for the future by private companies like Bigelow Aerospace could become a reality in the near future.

At the rate technology is being developed, and thanks to numerous space companies in the private sector, space tourism and life in space might become a reality for everyone sooner than thought. After all, humans are a species designed to explore, free, whose ultimate cosmic goals is to explore the corners of the universe, and concepts like these below will surely help us as a species in the future.''



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