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Table of disruptive technologies – FAB FEST

Table of Disruptive Technologies

We keep on talking how exciting the future is. For past three years we have been trying to think what the future will be in a form of a building or even a city. Probably the reason why FAB FEST has been a successful project is that it challenges everyone to rethink and innovate such static industries like the construction and architecture. All the new inventions and creations have to start somewhere and usually it's the smallest idea that can change everything. Therefore, we decided to share this with you. Table of Disruptive Technologies. (for more like thi sgo to https://nowandnext.com/thinking-tools/)


Conceived and created by Richard Watson and Anna Cupani at Imperial Tech Foresight.

The purpose of this publication is to make individuals and institutions future ready. Also, to make people think,
at least periodically.

It is a mixture of prediction and provocation intended to stimulate debate, but be aware that other elements should always be considered when assessing potential impact, especially the wider psychological and regulatory landscape in which technologies exist. Most importantly, the technologies highlighted on this table appear without any discussion of moral or ethical factors.

Generally speaking, no technology should be used unless it improves the human condition and with potentially disruptive technologies always remember that “with great power comes great responsibility”. (There are various attributions for this quote ranging from Spiderman, Dr Spock, Yoda, Churchill, Roosevelt and possibly the French Revolution).

Examples are purely illustrative and do not constitute any form of recommendation, validation or investment advice. Also note that with smaller companies and start-ups in particular the landscape is continually changing so treat examples with caution. There will also undoubtedly be errors and misjudgements, so please use a bit of common sense.

Download it here:

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