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Understanding the material – FAB FEST

Understanding the material

We recognize that understanding the material and building the pavilion without seeing or feeling it can be challenging. Therefore, we think this post will help to form your understanding about the capabilities of it and structural qualities.

First of all, the main material for the festival is corrugated cardboard. It has been provided by our generous sponsors from DsSmith who are major manufacturers for all sorts of packaging. One of their role in business is to design and manufacture extremely strong cardboard boxes that could transport things like car engines all around the world without getting it damaged. So, we thought that it is a perfect material for us to reimagine how it could be used in architecture and design.

Corrugated Cardboard

The main material that all pavilions will be build out of is corrugated cardboard. It is 3.8mm thick and is composed of two layers 1.4+2.4mm. Both layers have EB flute pattern. Cardboard is faced with 200gsm white paper and 180gsm kraft paper. 

The card we offer is strong and versatile, and can be cut equally well by hand with a craft knife, by CNC oscillating or tangential knife, or by a laser. This material comes in these sizes and corrugation runs parallel to either long side (LS) or short side (SS): 600x400mm(LS); 1000x600mm (SS); 1220x1220mm(N/A); 2440x1220mm (SS).

Other materials 


Size: M6 x 16mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm

Description: We supply A2 stainless steel M6 socket cap screws in a variety of lengths with two penny washers per fixing and one nut. The price is the same for all sizes, and includes the screw, nut and washers. Pick the size you need.


 1 ltr of strong PVA adhesive. Works very well on cardboard - will not work on Correx!


Braided orange nylon line with winding handle, on 50m reel.


Cable ties

Packs of 10 white or orange nylon cable ties

Size: 4.5 x 160mm; 4.8 x 300mm; 4.8 x 200mm; 2.5 x 100mm


It is essential that you follow your budget and do not run over it. Please refer to the image below where you can see all prices for the material and plan your project. (Please be advised that this is not actual currency, we invented this as a part of the concept for the festival):