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Here is another brilliant pavilion from FAB FEST'18. Team 'Seven+/-1' came from Cyprus, University of Nicosia and have been awarded with several awards of the festival for the excellence of fabrication and visitor involvement.

The University of Nicosia was represented by a team of 6 fourth-year students, one volunteer and their mentors from [ARC] Department of Architecture.  The concept of the Pavilion revolved around the question of How can design help escape everydayness while raising awareness on a pressing social issue?

Fabrication and design

The vaulted pavilion was geometrically based on a Zome; a structure emerging from the combination of a dome and zonohedron. The initial Zome was adapted and evolved by combining its triangular faces into hexagonal surfaces towards producing the desired outcome. The 72 hexagonal surfaces were further developed into load-bearing modules that could be digitally fabricated out of flat sheets and then folded in place. The modules were fabricated using corrugated cardboard. Once produced, all parts were assembled in a puzzle-like routine to form the pavilion.  During the process, the team had to comply and account for a number of design and fabrication parameters such as components weight, components size, assembly methodology and assembly time.


Another great quality of this design was in the programme. Ability to step inside the pavilion and explore light patterns forming on the interior walls made the pavilion very attractive to younger visitors. It created a new platform for imagination within the festival. Kids were playing inside and admiring the pavilion.


This pavilion was awarded the Fabrication Prize for it's structural and design qualities. Also, the team showed a real passion for making and fabrication. Design was well thought through and the execution of building it was exemplar.