Artist in residence: Alexandra Jonsson

This year we will be bringing more artists and workshops to FAB FEST than ever. In the next few months we will be introducing you to our talented artists in residence who will be creating and interacting with visitors of FAB FEST'18 on Saturday, 7th of July - the Festival Day.


Alexandra Jønsson is an artist-researcher at CREAM Westminster University. Her research concerns the 'Body Politics of Data', exploring forms of embodiment in digital culture through investigative arts practice. Her practice includes collaborations such The Body Recovery Unit with Loes Bogers, exploring the databased body, Data Therapy (2017), at Art Centre Nabi (SK),  "Data Buffet: All you Can Input" with Cliff Hammett (2016) at The Museum of Contemporary Commodities (UK), with whom she created the Ars Electronica Prize winning project X_MSG (2011).


As a part of her residency Alexandra will facilitate a participatory workshop during the FAB FEST'18 exploring physical aspects of data – what shapes, sizes, length, and weights do can our data fill?  And what can we make of it? In the workshop participants of all ages will be invited to exploring the shapes and sizes of data - through a hands on process of collaboratively making our data and its journey visible


You can find more about Alexandra and her work online on: