Technology Timeline 2017, ARUP research

This year in FAB FEST'18 we are focussing on understanding and exploring how digital can cities get. Recently we stumbled upon this brilliant research by ARUP, world leading engineering company, on technology development and it's timeline and you know what? It seems like the technology development is a lot faster then was expected. Arup has collected information from various industries that we think very much relate to the development of your ideas for FAB FEST. Have a look and let us know which one is your favourite, tag us in your story on Instagram (


The report, the result of desk research in addition to interviews with a wide range of subject matter experts, looks at the attributes and possible applications for each of the technologies identified. The timeline offers an insight into plausible timescales in terms of any given technology’s development, from concept through to commercialisation and mass adoption. The aim of this report is to highlight the technologies that might start to impact and disrupt our operating environment as they mature and scale over the coming years and decades.

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Arup Emerging Technology Timeline 2017