Enter FAB FEST with a small pavilion

The installation category is for teams of two members and has a smaller allocation for materials and space in the Festival.


 Brief for this category stays the same as for the rest of the festival. You can find information here: brief
All materials for projects will be supplied by the Fabrication Lab - and teams are only allowed to use materials supplied by the Lab. The core material used in FAB FEST is a high quality double-wall cardboard, faced with white paper on one side and Kraftpaper on the other.  Teams do however have the option to use a variety of fixings and supplementary materials that they can work with creatively to suit their design. Materials are priced in FAB FEST EUROS (FF€) and every team will be given the same budget. Teams can use the budget as they like, but must act as their own quantity surveyors ensuring that ambitions for their designs match up to their allowed budget. There is likewise a budget provided for the cost of time on the digital fabrication machines.The budget for installations is FF€400.00  for materials and FF€150.00 for machine time. The materials with FF€ prices will soon be available on the FAB FEST website shop.
Teams are encouraged to be creative with the form they design for their projects. There are however limitations on space, and to ensure a fair allocation between teams there are limits on the total volume of each project. Installations must keep within 5m3. There are no specific restrictions on height, but bear in mind that projects must stand up and be stable!
If you have any more questions about this process or would like to have a chat, just send us a message on
Here are the material and some component list and prices.