Fabrication Templates

In this post we are sharing templates that you have to use when preparing your fabrication files. As mentioned in earlier posts, we have three types of machines that we will be fabricating FAB FEST'18 on. Here is a link to the post about those machines.

In the pack we have included three different templates for you to use depending on what strategy you choose. When preparing your files please use single stroke fonts for any marking of your pieces to save time. There are few free fonts online that are already created for manufacturing, but if you don't use them it is important that you choose 'single stroke font' option when using 'TextObject' command on rhino.

Nesting is another very important moment in your fabrication process. Please pay extra attention when nesting your drawings. Be friendly to the environment and use the material responsibly.

Click here to download your templates pack:

FAB FEST Templates

All your fabrication files need to be sent to hello@fabfest.london