At the Fabrication Lab and FAB FEST we believe that future lies in self sufficient communities, that create and fabricate for their own needs. We are working hard to create an environment in our Fab Lab, to enable people to create and innovate. Our researchers have been digging out what other Fab Labs and similar

Few months ago our friends forwarded this ‘table of disruptive technologies’. Some of it is really scary, some seems impossible and even more is already being implemented. Check this out and let us know which one is your favourite one.

A few months ago we were approached by the organisers of Digital Construction Week, an event that takes place annually in London. It is the biggest exhibition of its kind about disruptive technologies in construction and the architecture industry. The DCW team was really excited to hear about FAB FEST and its previous outcomes and

Here is something you will love. At the Fabrication Lab we love dreaming and imagining the future. This is one of the reasons why FAB FEST was created. We get really excited about the opportunities and possibilities of the technologies developing very rapidly. So when we found this, it really blew our minds away. Just

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International applications

More than ever, this year we have had a huge interest from the international teams from around the world. We are really excited to have such a rapidly growing community of FAB FEST’ers. Looking back to the first edition of the FAB FEST in 2016, we had 6 international teams from the USA, China and