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We live in a world of increasingly rapid change, with cities growing larger and more fluid than ever. Everyday brings extraordinary developments in technology offering new possibilities for interacting with, experiencing and making our world. The way we live has changed with even more changes yet to come. People go faster, machines get smarter, cities change and so does their architecture. At the same time we face complex social and political upheaval often leaving controversy, uncertainty and division. It raises the question of whether architecture can keep pace and adapt to the changing needs of the communities and societies accommodate by our cities. Architecture helps shape the changing world and can have a powerful impact on people’s lives. As the architects of tomorrow, you will be the ones to initiate, design and build the cities of the future, and so create small glimpses of your vision for what a better city might be - more open, social, pleasurable, surprising, harmonious, multi-cultural?


The theme for this year’s FAB FEST is ‘Pop-up City’, and it gives you the chance right now to contribute and build your ideas for the cities of tomorrow. The built environment is always in flux, subject to reinvention and transformation. You are invited now to shape the future of how we make, live and celebrate life, not in the way that someone else wants you to, but the way that you do. This is an opportunity for you to propose and develop your unique design ideas for the future, and for us together to imagine and make our own temporary Pop-up City.
We hope you will have fun working with the Fab Lab team and our digital tools making extraordinary pop-up structures. Even if your ideas are not yet possible at a larger scale, they may work perfectly well within the Pop-up festival city built by the FAB FEST ’17 community of designer/makers. Though lightweight and temporary, they might just become the catalyst for future lasting change.
How can I join in?
We have space for 50 pavilions, each one designed and built by a team of 5-8 students, and mentored by a designer from academia or professional practice. So there are opportunities for you to participate whether you are a first year student or a seasoned professional designer.
If you are a student, you will need to get together with some like-minded friends, form a team, and propose an idea for a pavilion for the Pop-up City. You don’t necessarily need a complete team - we are asking for a minimum of three people on your application - and your idea can initially be just a concept. But you do need to propose something to get going, and the more complete the team and the clearer the idea, the better.
If you are already a designer and are interested in helping to guide a team, please apply for a Mentor role using the application button above. We will do our best to find you a team of students to work with.


Will I definitely get a place?
FAB FEST is all about collaboration and inclusion, and we will do our best to include as many participants as possible. We do though have limited space and resources. To avoid disappointment, please get you team together, propose an idea, and apply as soon as you can.


How much does it cost?
Registration and participation in FAB FEST is free of charge. This includes all the materials, machine time and support from the Fabrication Lab team, as well as access to all the events both in the design and festival phases of FAB FEST. This is made possible by the very generous sponsorship from the Quintin Hogg Trust and our commercial sponsors DS Smith and Hawthorn.


How about international teams?
For international teams, registration and participation is free, but we charge £150 per person (in total) for seven nights accommodation in our Central London tower. (Note that this too is highly subsidised and this may be the last year that we can offer this to International participants.)


What does FAB FEST offer me as a participant?


FAB FEST gives students the opportunity to:
- Explore an idea for the city of tomorrow
- Design and build a habitable 1-1 pavilion
- Learn how to use the latest digital fabrication tools and techniques to manufacture your designs
- Collaborate with and learn from an experienced designer from academic or practice
- Have their design idea published in the forthcoming FAB FEST book


Everyone who participates in FAB FEST will receive:
1500 Fab Lab Dollars, including 500 for machine time. This covers all the costs for the materials for your pavilion.
Certificate of Participation
Winners Certificate (if they win…)
Amazon Vouchers (where there are prizes)
FAB FEST Festival Wrist-band
3d Print on Display in Fab Lab Gallery


Admittance to:
Series of Workshops / Webinair + Lecture Series Speakers
The week long FAB FEST making festival
The Fab Film, in the Regent Street Cinema
Pizza Fest
Including Prize Night
Public Festival