How can I participate?
We have space for 50 pavilions, each one designed and built by a team of 5-8 students, and mentored by a designer from academia or professional practice. So there are opportunities for you to participate whether you are a first year student or a seasoned professional designer.
If you are a student, you will need to get together with some like-minded friends, form a team, and propose an idea for a pavilion for the Pop-up City. You don’t necessarily need a complete team - we are asking for a minimum of three people on your application - and your idea can initially be just a simple concept. But you do need to propose something to get going, and the more complete the team and the clearer the idea, the better.
If you are already a designer and are interested in helping to guide a team, please apply for a Mentor role using the application button above. We will do our best to find you a team of students to work with. Please note that we can only accept Mentors that are relatively local to the University - as you will need to meet your team of students.
Note that for both students and to a lesser extent Mentors, participating in FAB FEST is both a fantastic, rewarding experience (please see quotes from previous participants!), but also will require a commitment of time, especially leading up to and during the Festival week. Do make sure you are willing to make the time to participate before applying. 
What does FAB FEST offer me as a participant?
FAB FEST gives students the opportunity to:
  • To explore your idea for the city of tomorrow
  • Design and fabricate a full-size, habitable pavilion at 1:1 (rare for students!)
  • Design and fabricate an innovative pavilion outside of the usual regulatory constraints (rare for practicing professionals!)
  • Learn how to use the latest digital fabrication tools and techniques to manufacture your designs
  • Collaborate with and learn from an experienced designer from academic or practice
  • Compete for prizes in an international competition
  • Have their design idea published in the forthcoming FAB FEST book
  • Be part of the social media community that we are building around the festival.
Everyone who participates in FAB FEST will receive:
  • FL€1500, including FL€500 for machine time. This covers all the costs for the materials for your pavilion.
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Winners Certificate (if you win…)
  • Amazon Vouchers (where there are prizes)
  • FAB FEST '17 T-Shirt
  • FAB FEST '17 Silicone Wrist-band
  • 3D Print on Display in the Fab Lab Gallery (for those submitting suitable models)
And admittance to:
  • Series of Workshops / Webinars teaching you digital fabrication and other skills
  • Entrance all week to the FAB FEST '17 Festival
  • The Fab Film, in the Regent Street Cinema
  • Pizza Fest - with complementary Pizzas...
  • Prize Night
  • Both Public Festivals
  • Public Exhibition
How much does it cost?
Registration and participation in FAB FEST is free of charge. This includes all the materials, machine time and support from the Fabrication Lab team, as well as access to all the events both in the design and festival phases of FAB FEST. This is made possible by the very generous sponsorship from the Quintin Hogg Trust and our commercial sponsors DS Smith and Hawthorn.
How about international teams?
For international teams, registration and participation is also free, but we charge £150 per person (in total) for seven nights accommodation in our Central London tower. (Note that this too is highly subsidised and this may be the last year that we can offer this to International participants. Please make the most of it this year!) Unfortunately we only have a limited number of spaces for International teams. Do apply early!
What is the commitment for Student participants?
Students will be expected to do the majority of the design and fabrication of the pavilions. The team as whole will need to work collaboratively, share ideas and references, and participate in material experiments and component designs. These do not necessarily need to take long to complete, but do need to be started early in the process, or the pavilion will be unlikely to succeed. Everyone will need to be on hand to fabricate and install the final pavilion in P3 in the week of the Festival. As always, the more you put into your project, the better it will be and the more you will get out of it. In reality, some pavilions do not take that long to design and build, but they do need a commitment to see the project through. We expect places this year to be limited, so make sure that you really do want to be part of the festival and that you will make the necessary time commitments before applying.

Note that this year we will have a FAB FEST Submission Closure period before you submit your portfolios in May. We want the festival to augment and enrich your design work for your degrees, not detract from it. So this year all teams will be banned from working on FAB FEST during the portfolio submission season so that you can concentrate on your degree work. Mentors will be informed of this. 

What is the commitment for Mentors?
Mentors will be expected to use their experience and knowledge to guide the student teams, rather than to be responsible themselves for the overall design. We hope Mentors will serve as a positive and stabilising force injecting wisdom into the process at appropriate moments! Likewise we intend for the commitment not to be too great.

As a guide, we are assuming a time commitment of approximately four hours a month for three months, in April, May and June. This may be spread over the month as convenient (e.g. two meetings of two hours each month, either at the University or the practice's office).

The time required will vary according to the make-up of the student teams and the interests of the Mentors, but we hope this will serve as a useful guide for the process. The Fabrication Lab staff will also be on hand to provide technical and practical advice, and as hosts of the event, have a commitment to assisting teams with their material tests and the development of pavilion components.

Please bear in mind that an important part of the fun and value of FAB FEST is to provide the opportunity for these short-term partnerships between professionals and students - the next generation of designers. From experience we have found that professionals find this refreshing and fun, but also at times frustrating! You will need to take into account that our students also have coursework deadlines to work to, and don't always work in the same way as professionals... Please bear with them, and refer to images of last year's event to see what nonetheless they were able to achieve. 

If you are sure you can make these commitments and would like to participate, we thoroughly encourage you to apply.

Will I definitely get a place?
FAB FEST is about collaboration and inclusion, and we will do our best to include as many participants as possible. We do though have limited space and resources. To avoid disappointment, please get your team together, propose an idea, and apply as soon as you can.