We live in a world of increasingly rapid change, with cities growing larger and more fluid than ever. We are confronted by extraordinary developments in technology offering new possibilities for interacting with, experiencing and making our world. At the same time we face complex social and political upheaval often leaving controversy, uncertainty and division. The way we live is evolving quickly and so must our ideas about architecture if we are to adapt to the emerging needs of our cities. Architecture helps shape the world and as the architects of tomorrow, you will be the ones to initiate, design and build the cities of the future. It is up to you to generate the image of what a better city might be - more open, social, pleasurable, surprising, harmonious, multi-cultural?
The theme for this year’s FAB FEST is ‘Pop-up City’, and it gives you the chance now to contribute and build your ideas for the cities of tomorrow. The built environment is always in flux, subject to reinvention and transformation. You are invited to try your hand at shaping the future of how we make, live and celebrate life, not in the way that someone else wants you to, but the way that you do. This is an opportunity for you to propose and develop a glimpse of your unique designs for the future, and for us together to imagine, and for one week only, make our own transient Pop-up City.
We hope you will have fun working with the Fab Lab team, your Mentors, and our digital tools making extraordinary pop-up structures. Even if your ideas are just suggestive, built only from temporary, lightweight materials, and not yet possible at a larger scale, they may work extremely well within the Pop-up festival city built by the FAB FEST ’17 community of designer/makers. Though only existing for a short period of time, they might just become the catalyst for future lasting change.