FEBRUARY / MARCH  Form your team and start thinking...

Participants and Mentors must register for the event on the FAB FEST website (Register)
As soon as you have registered, you can start working up concepts for your Festival Pavilion to bring to your first team meeting.
We will allocate everyone to teams and Mentors, and put people in touch as soon as we can.


March 31st - Team + Concept (150 words) + Registration

April/May- Material Test + Sketch Model

May/June - Structural Detail + Finished 1-20 Model

June 16th - Completed Files to Cut


APRIL/MAY  Propose a concept and test materials

There will be a launch event for Mentors and the students in their team to meet, and for everyone to meet other teams participating in the Festival.

April is the time to agree concepts, and test materials.
Teams need to agree ideas and meet with Mentors early in April, either at Westminster or at their office.The Fab Lab will provide a budget of FL€200 specifically for material testing - that must be spent by the end of May.
Teams need to submit a proposal for the pavilion and a material test by the end of April. 
We will register and approve concepts and allocate sites within Ambika P3 at the beginning of June.



MAY/JUNE  Test construction details and make a model

Teams should expect to meet once or twice again in May, and develop their material tests into a design for the pavilion.
Images of pavilion details and a 1:20 model should be submitted by 10th June.
We will provide model making materials and free access to the Lab’s Laser Cutters for making the model. If you cannot manage a detailed 1:20 for any reason, please provide the best you can, from a plan to a massing model. If you are an international team, we will improvise. Send us what you can (something to laser cut even) and we may be able to help assemble it for you. If not, then at least a plan with your concept will be enough to reserve your place on site.


JUNE  Pre-fabricate pavilions

Start to pre-fabricate pavilion components from the beginning of June, through to the official Build-Week.
Be especially careful if the pavilion relies on digital fabrication.
Equipment in the Fabrication Laboratory will be available on a first-come- first-served basis so start fabricating as soon as you are able.


FESTIVAL  Assemble and install pavilions

03.07 - 06.07 
Ambika P3 is available from Tuesday through Friday to assemble and install pavilions. Fabrication Lab staff will be on hand to assist. Note that there are events planned in the evening throughout this week.
Monday July 3rd, 18.00-21.00 OPEN Architecture Tour

Tuesday July 4th, 18.00-21.00 London Architecture Tour

Wednesday July 5th, 18.00-21.00 The FAB FILM

Thursday July 6th, 18.00-21.00 PIZZA FEST

Pavilions need to be installed in P3 by 12.00pm on Friday 7th July.

FRIDAY, 7th JULY  FAB FEST '17 opens 

Private view and the Judge's Prize.
SATURDAY, 8th JULY  FAB FEST '17 Pop-Up Party

The Family Festival will take place between 12.00-16.00, featuring sketching, making, music and all the activities offered within the pavilions. It will also include the award of the People's Prize.

The Evening Festival begins at 18.00 and finishes at 21.30, and includes music, drinks and the award of our sponsors the Kraft and DS Smith prizes for the best pavilions.


SUNDAY, 9th JULY  FAB FEST '17 Public Exhibition



MONDAY, 10th JULY  FAB FEST '17 Pop-Down

The Pavilions will be the property of the teams that build them - until 10.00 on 10th July.

Where Pavilions are demountable, teams are welcome to keep what they build, auction it off or otherwise do with them as they please after the event.
They must however all be removed by 10.00, 10th July, when the clear-up for the event will begin, and we start to recycle the material in order to empty Ambika P3 for the next event.