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FF’16+Testimonials – FAB FEST

FAB FEST’16 saw 50+ teams from around the world and UK. All of the teams were formed of 5 or more members and one or two  academics or professional mentors from practices such as Jestico+Whiles, Foster+Pertners, Hopkins Architects and many more. International participants were coming from Hong Kong, Italy, Turkey, USA, China and India. Participating teams designed and built more than 50 incredible cardboard pavilions that were self supporting or suspended from the ceiling in the AmbikaP3 exhibition space and some even exceeded 3 meters in height. Equally important to amazing pavilions were the ways in which they created a temporary community of makers.

Academic Team Mentor
We were very pleased to participate in Fab Fest 2016, the only of its kind one-week fabrication festival in London. Such extra-curricular activities are very useful to engage students in learning outside of the classroom, train them to become self-motivated and to build their confidence with group work and in building and making.
Commercial Sponsor
I came away truly inspired and enthusiastic for the work I saw. I’d have loved the opportunity to be involved with such a great project when I was at University.
Student Participant
FAB FEST was great opportunity to come together as a team, mentored by renowned practices, we were able to explore the materials and machines provided in different and exciting ways.
International Team Mentor
I personally loved the opportunity to work so closely with my students and with other teams in a sin- cere atmosphere of cooperation
Academic Team Mentor
Developing an idea into a maquette and then overcoming the challenges of translating this into a 1:1 structure is a fantastic opportunity for participants. It was great seeing and experiencing the different design approaches beautifully curated beside each other - wandering inside and around all these fantastic cardboard manifestations in awe was a highlight.’
Commercial Sponsor
Thanks for inviting us to be part of this event, it’s been amazing, it really has. I came here last night with some colleagues, we came again this afternoon, and back again this evening, and each time we’ve come, we’ve seen a different show and a better show, it’s been incredible. There’s so much innovation. …
International Team Mentor
The use of cardboard was truly challenging especially if taken at its structural limit, thus we believe it has been a relatively cheap, sustainable and very stimulating choice. Very well done!
Proffesional Practice Team Mentor
I thought FAB FEST was a great success, and thought it was very well received by the people we spoke to while we were there, both adults and children alike.