FAB FEST is a week-long celebration of design and making, hosted by the Fabrication Lab at the University of Westminster. For the third year running, it invites creative designers from around the world to envision and build their ideas about architecture and the city. It will feature over 80 pavilions and installations designed internationally, manufactured in the Fabrication Lab, and assembled and installed in Central London.

After five days of making, entertainment and international competition, FAB FEST opens to the local community and the general public, with lightweight, recyclable pavilions forming the transient architecture for a series of making events, live musical performances and a three-day exhibition. All the materials for FAB FEST are then recycled (98%!), for next year’s event.

The Fabrication Lab is part of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Westminster. It offers the traditional and digital tools, spaces and expertise to create and explore architectural ideas through making and the use of innovative architectural media. For further information see FabricationLab.London

If you would like to publish about FAB FEST and would like to use our images, please contact hello@fabfest.london and we will provide you with good quality photographs.

If you would like to become a media partner and get exclusive information about the preparation of the festival and the building week please contact media@fabricationlab.london